Prenatal FIT
Prenatal Fit

Laura Lusson

RYT 200 – Yoga By Degrees January-June 2017 RYT 300 – Chicago Yoga Center February-June 2019 with Suddha Weixler 1,200 hours – teaching experience 600+ hours – self-directed learning Functional Range ConditioningĀ®.

Certified Mobility Specialist – January 2022 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga – Zen Yoga Garage October 2022-January 2023 Workshops: Manju Jois, Dharma Mittra, Paulie Zink, Kamini Desai, Richard Miller, Judith Hanson Lasater, Jennifer Reis, Jay Taylor (sound instruction) Insured Yoga Alliance Member MINDBODY, Zingfit, Exerp Proficient Studio Attendant Experience Music Lover Lifelong Learner

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