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Meet Adina Rosenberg I have been teaching Prenatal classes since I was pregnant with my first child whom is now 18 years old – going to college. At that time, I felt lost, not knowing how to be a healthy pregnant woman. As a fitness professional, I wanted to exercise safely, but at the same time have a challenging workout. In addition, there was the added extra challenge of finding the correct nutritional needs of my growing body. I didn’t feel I was receiving the knowledge I sought at my midwife pre-natal visits. I came in for my regular appointments and gave a urine sample, got weighed in, and finally gave a blood sample.

There wasn’t much time to talk about my fears. The support system for my concerns was lacking. I started to realize being with and talking to other pregnant women made me feel the safest. I learned that other women were feeling the same feeling as I was. Before I was pregnant, I took prenatal fitness training and learned a lot. But it felt overwhelming and I couldn’t transfer what I had learned while I was not pregnant. I couldn’t figure out the benefits of kegeling until after I got pregnant. I also didn’t understand how aqua fitness was so important for pregnant women because it took pressure off the back. Learning about the stages of labor, mucus plugs, Braxton hicks, and constipation all sounded so scary! The experience of being pregnant and working with pregnant women increased my learning curve. Finally, it all made sense.

I have gained a sense of purpose to not only help women get through this uncharted time in their life, but feel I am helping their unborn children be happier. By helping these future moms give birth easier and more healthy, babies come out with greater ease and everyone wins. My Prenatal classes of Mothers who are feeling mentally and physically ready to be mothers have built their support group with other Moms going through the same experiences. 

They already have a built in group of friends for future play dates and friends who are ready to help after their babies are born. It is a part of a woman’s life that she never forgets. The help you receive through your pregnancy and after is so life changing. Women need to help other women so they are ready with that extra support they need though their challenging time. In some countries, women at all ages come together when one woman is giving birth so they are familiar with the birthing process. In America, we aren’t prepared for the conditions ofpregnancy or birth before we find ourselves pregnant. Prenatal Fitness builds a community of women who are more prepared with the knowledge and experience that will give them strength and confidence in their Motherhood.

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